Eugenio Marini

Where to eat in Cremona: the top 12 restaurants

The city of Stradivari, with its ancient violin maker workshops, the Torrazzo with its 512 steps rewarded by a breathtaking view, is a treasure trove for music, art, and architecture enthusiasts. From November 11th to 19th, the Torrone Festival takes...

Where to eat in Dubai, all the best italian restaurants

The city, famous for its super contemporary architecture, glittering skyscrapers and luxurious artificial islands. It is a major financial and tourist center but also spot of excellent italian restaurants

Where to eat in Cape Town, all the best italian restaurants

All the best italian restaurants in the legislative capital of South Africa, the country's oldest city and the seat of the Parliament

The best pizza in Barcelona

Catalunya's capital is a great destination both for visiting the historical and artistic offering and for refreshing yourself with an excellent pizza

The best pizza in Athens

In the city of Athens, not only Greek cuisine: La Bella Napoli south of the Acropolis offers excellent Neapolitan pizza
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