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The best Street Food in Italy according to Gambero Rosso

Street Food 2025, the Gambero Rosso guide dedicated to street food, is now available in bookstores. Here are this year’s highlights

The best Arrosticini in Italy are made inside a Fiat 500

Bracevia is the Abruzzo-based food truck that offers top-quality arrosticini across the country, cooked on an ingenious grill, and has won the special Street Food on the Road award in the new 2025 Street Food guide

The 32 best Sushi restaurants in Italy awarded by Gambero Rosso

Gambero Rosso's Sushi 2025 guide has arrived in bookstores. A total of 32 restaurants have been awarded the highest accolade, the Tre Bacchette (Three Chopsticks)

The legendary bruschetta with telline that won over Fellini (and where to eat it on the Roman coast)

In the prime area for harvesting small mollusks, the Roman Coast, a recipe was all the rage during the Dolce Vita years: bruschetta with telline. This dish elevated the small restaurants born in the Fishermen's Village of Fregene to legendary...

The motorway service area where you can enjoy amazing Piedmontese sandwiches

At kilometer 30 of the Turin-Savona motorway, which takes Turin residents to the sea, Rio Coloré Ovest is the place to taste and buy great Piedmontese specialties

Neapolitan Pizza, "Pala," and "Rutiello": La Notizia reopens with a new ace, Michele Leo

A makeover in both ambiance and offerings for the second venture founded by master Enzo Coccia in Naples: pizzeria La Notizia 94 welcomes Michele Leo, a renowned Neapolitan pizza maker, who, after his experience at Palazzo Petrucci, joins the Coccia...

Not only pasta, potatoes, and provola. Where to eat in Naples the Nippo-Brazilian and Nikkei cuisine

The fusion contamination, which brings together Japanese and Latin American cuisine, has taken root very fruitfully in the capital of Campania, giving rise to high-profile venues, with great chefs and excellent raw materials

The small Japanese restaurant on the outskirts of Rome, perennially sold out

A perpetually sold-out izakaya, which on some special evenings opens up to the intimate charm of the omakase menu at the counter. That's what Mikachan's omakase is like

Food shops, historic trattorias, and bakeries: where to eat in Esquilino, the Roman neighborhood that hasn't forgotten the Twentieth Century

Often overshadowed by its reputation as a multiethnic area, the other face of the Esquilino district is composed of century-old shops and restaurants, capable of recounting the last century of the Capital better than a history book

The guide to hidden Venice: the best restaurants on the lagoon islands

The enchanting and fascinating landscape of the lagoon, usually unknown to hurried tourists. It's the Native Venice, a collection of small islands where the history of the Serenissima began
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