Eleonora Baldwin


American born and Italian raised, Eleonora Baldwin grew up in Rome in a family of filmmakers (her grandfather was the great Vittorio De Sica). She has always been passionate about art and travel, and early on showed great love for the Italian food culture. This aspect convinced her to revolutionize her professional life, moving from the film set to first becoming an appreciated food writer and then embarking on a journey as a TV presenter with Gambero Rosso HD. In the shows she co-wrote and hosts, "ABCheese", "Uazz'America" and "A tavola con mamma" she is always on the hunt for cheeses and regional specialties in their place of origin; she meets artisans and documents lesser-known products and insider culinary experiences.

Italian Cheese Awards 2019: the winners

With the goal of highlighting the top tier Italy’s dairy production, a jury of cheese experts and professionals decreed the winners of the 2019 edition of the Italian Cheese Awards, held on October 27 at the VeronaFiere Convention Centre. Now ...Leggi altro

Nov. 01 2019

Italy’s 24 most beloved cheeses, from north to south

Each Italian region, city and village boasts a vast array of typically local cheeses: each product represents the area’s deep cultural and farming heritage. Here is an alphabetized list of Italy’s most famous cheeses, examined travelling down from the Alps ...Leggi altro

Nov. 22 2017

Dining at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy: Lombardy

Italy is the country that holds the record of most UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 53 in this year’s list. Where are the best restaurants near the sites in Lombardy, and precisely in the province of Brescia?

Oct. 18 2017

School lunches in Italy: setting a healthy pattern for adult life

Today, one in three Italian children under 12 years is overweight. While these rates are far behind those of the United States and the United Kingdom, Italy is working hard to reverse the trend. 

Aug. 31 2017

Seasons in the Italian garden: the fruits and vegetables of August

For Italians, eating seasonally is a no brainer. Many would never consider eating tomatoes or strawberries in January, or tucking into porcini in July. Eating seasonally means fresh ingredients at the height of their flavour. Here’s what is in season ...Leggi altro

Aug. 16 2017

Traditional Ferragosto foods

Typical Ferragosto fare features fresh, raw vegetables and fruit to ward off the heat. Cold beverages, fruit salads, cold pasta are almost always on the menu. But tradition dictates the menu more than temperature. Here are a few examples. Please ...Leggi altro

Aug. 03 2017

Summer dining: the best beaches in Rome and 15 favourite restaurants

For Italians it’s normal to end beach days seated at a seaside table, feet in the sand, eating fresh seafood and drinking chilled wine before heading back to the city. Here are some of the best beaches (and restaurants) along ...Leggi altro

Jul. 17 2017

Out of Town: 10 best tables 1 hour from Naples

Food lovers in the know seek solace from city bedlam in out of town havens. As part of our Out of Town series, today we travel to the province of Naples, where only one hour outside of the city is ...Leggi altro

Jul. 10 2017

Top 10 Rome restaurants for al fresco dining

The weather and wealth of breathtakingly beautiful piazzas in Rome make it the ultimate urban living room and an ideal place to dine al fresco. Although lunching outside in the scorching summer heat is not a smart choice, as soon as ...Leggi altro

May. 05 2017

Out of Town: 10 best tables located 1 hour from Rome

It’s often wise to escape the usual culinary itineraries, seeking delectable refuge in lesser-known spots. Fortunately only one hour outside of the Eternal City is a treasure of peripheral areas where the flavour and wholesomeness of local cooking make a ...Leggi altro

Mar. 10 2017
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