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American born and Italian raised, Eleonora Baldwin grew up in Rome in a family of filmmakers (her grandfather was the great Vittorio De Sica). She has always been passionate about art and travel, and early on showed great love for the Italian food culture. This aspect convinced her to revolutionize her professional life, moving from the film set to first becoming an appreciated food writer and then embarking on a journey as a TV presenter with Gambero Rosso HD. In the shows she co-wrote and hosts, "ABCheese", "Uazz'America" and "A tavola con mamma" she is always on the hunt for cheeses and regional specialties in their place of origin; she meets artisans and documents lesser-known products and insider culinary experiences.

La scampagnata – the Italian picnic philosophy

There’s an Italian expression that perfectly captures the typical day trip out of town: gita fuori porta. Literally, an excursion out of doors, leaving city gates behind. The foods consumed during said agrarian excursions define a precise cultural tradition.

Mar. 27 2021

Italian Easter traditions at the table

Lasagna, lamb and pastiera (wheatberry cake) are only a few of the classic foods Italians normally enjoy during the Easter celebrations. Here is the rest.

Mar. 23 2021

Weekend in… The hilltop towns of Abruzzo

A new mini-guide series introduces itineraries with tips and addresses of lesser-known treasures of Italy to both domestic and––hopefully soon––international travellers. Supporting the local economy of small businesses through sustainable travel is what drives the series. Let's start with three ...Leggi altro

Feb. 24 2021

Farmstead cheeses: small producers in Lazio. Caterina Maceroni and Maria Pia

A new column on the theme of artisanal and agricultural products, what had originally decreed the success of the television show "AB...Cheese." In it, Eleonora Baldwin presents new small farmstead cheese producers. Let's start with two women in the Ciociaria ...Leggi altro

Nov. 07 2020

Italian Cheese Awards 2019: the winners

With the goal of highlighting the top tier Italy’s dairy production, a jury of cheese experts and professionals decreed the winners of the 2019 edition of the Italian Cheese Awards, held on October 27 at the VeronaFiere Convention Centre. Now ...Leggi altro

Nov. 01 2019

Merenda, the Italian mid-afternoon snack (and a recipe)

There’s no proper translation in English for the word merenda. In the Italian daily eating routine, merenda is a meal that is enjoyed between lunch and dinner: that sweet or savoury food break that picks us up in the dullest ...Leggi altro

Nov. 29 2018

Where to shop for Thanksgiving ingredients in Rome

Expats celebrating Thanksgiving in need not panic. All they need is a little advance planning. Sourcing ingredients and staples for Thanksgiving dinner in Rome, complete with cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, yams, turkey and stuffing may seem a daunting task. But ...Leggi altro

Oct. 22 2018

Autumn in Italy – seasonal ingredients, dishes and food festivals

In the Northern hemisphere the Italian countryside will soon be ablaze with color, food festivals will showcase nature’s best and tables will be laden with gorgeous foods. Italians eagerly await the new season’s produce and autumn specialties.

Oct. 18 2018

Italy’s 24 most beloved cheeses, from north to south

Each Italian region, city and village boasts a vast array of typically local cheeses: each product represents the area’s deep cultural and farming heritage. Here is an alphabetized list of Italy’s most famous cheeses, examined travelling down from the Alps ...Leggi altro

Nov. 22 2017

Dining at UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy: Lombardy

Italy is the country that holds the record of most UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 53 in this year’s list. Where are the best restaurants near the sites in Lombardy, and precisely in the province of Brescia?

Oct. 18 2017
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