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Massimo and Marco Zorzettig were still underage when the premature death of their father Livio left them in charge of the winery he had just set up. Their mom, Gabriella supported them like a mother hen and drove them on. Today, Tunella is a modern and dynamic model winery. The spacious cellar is equipped with the latest technology and features fine architecture. Winemaker Luigino Zamparo grew up with the brothers and is an integral part of the young, close-knit staff, which has moved forward very quickly without overreaching themselves. The Biancosesto '19 continues to earn accolades, and for the seventh time conquers Tre Bicchieri. An elegant bouquet includes hints of wild flowers, aromatic herbs, lime peel and bergamot peel embellished by whiffs of menthol and tropical fruit. The excellent Sauvignon Col Matìss '19 and Schioppettino '18, both among the best in their respective categories, also did well.

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