Year of foundation
Hectars under vine
Production per year
15500000 bottles

What until a decade ago was a large producer dedicated to a reliable but not particularly characterful range is today one of the most notable wineries operating in Verona. Many figures deserve credit, but it’s undeniable that Riccardo Pasqua was able to give a decisive boost, developing an outstanding technical staff that, year after year, is moving the bar higher. The large area cultivated provides the grapes for all their most ambitious wines. The Amarone Famiglia Pasqua ’13 offers up complex aromas, with a tertiary nuance of spices and medicinal herbs lying in wait behind sweet fruit, eager to take center stage. In the mouth its power is aptly managed and the wine lengthens thanks to its supporting acidity. The Mizzole ’18 is fantastic, a Valpolicella that plays on the freshness of wild fruit and a sapid gustatory dynamism. The Hey French, by now a classic, is a characterful, deep white.

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