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Fattoria di Magliano


Agostino Lenci's Maremma winery, whose first bottles arrived in 2003, fashions pulpy, Mediterranean reds. In recent times, they've found a more precise, discreet aspect, while maintaining tannic softness and pervasive aromas. An added note of merit goes to Fattoria di Magliano's whites, where the Mediterranean influences that characterize their aromas go hand in hand with lovely, delicately salty flashes. Earth, undergrowth and ripe red berry aromas feature in the Maremma Sangiovese Sinarra '19, a wine with a defined, juicy palate that leaves you with a lovely, refreshing balsamic note. Aromatically, the Morellino di Scansano Heba '19 is dark and nuanced. The wine finds its strong point in a solid, well-sustained palate. Notes of ripe white fruits with hints of aromatic herbs introduce the Maremma Vermentino Pagliatura '20 before giving way to a supple, sapid palate.

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