Dal Maso

Year of foundation
Hectars under vine
Production per year
300000 bottles
Restaurant service

Now approaching the half-century mark, the winery founded by Luigino Dal Maso is an absolute benchmark for enthusiasts of Gambellara, the Berici Hills and Lessinia, where they’ve had a presence for some years now. Nicola, together with his sisters Silvia and Anna, has managed to transform a winery dedicated to the production of simple, everyday wines into a producer focused on highlighting the attributes of the territory in which it operates. Their range is constituted of three lines: Durello sparkling wines, whites from plots around the cellar and vigorous reds cultivated in the Berica area. Made with grapes from Lessinia, the excellent Durello Pas Dosé ’17 is a sparkler of great elegance and suppleness: a subtle, sapid and long-lasting drink. The Gambellara Ca ‘Fischele ’20 offers a similar stylistic track, with fresh aromas of white fruit and flowers brought out on a lean, juicy palate. The Merlot Casara Roveri ’18 is diametrically opposite, expressing all the warmth and radiance of Alonte on a full, juicy and mature palate.

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