Hectars under vine
Production per year
60000 bottles

Gianmaria and Stefano Rossi lead the family winery founded by their grandfather Agostino in the heart of Bardolino’s Classico zone. Just over a dozen hectares on the morainal hills that surround the eastern shore of Lake Garda are organically cultivated. Great attention in the vineyard combines with a winemaking approach aimed at highlighting the unique characteristics of the traditional grapes used, making for a range that stands out for its fragrance, sapidity and suppleness. We tasted an excellent Bardolino from the new La Rocca subzone. The 2020 version debuts slightly closed only to release hints of cherry, pepper and wild rose. In the mouth it expresses sapidity, tension and an unexpected pluck, making for a wine just waiting to be drunk. The Olte Longhe ’20 expresses a darker, more recondite aromatic suite, which we find more expressed in the mouth, where the wine proves firm and juicy. The Nogara ’20, on the other hand, is the freshest and most floral of the three Bardolinos produced.

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