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Cantine Lunae Bosoni


Lunae Bosoni's commitment to eco-sustainability continues with an expansion of the area managed entirely organically. The new vineyards are concentrated on a strip of hills in Luni, in the favorably-positioned district of Sarticola, where their ten terraces are cultivated according to local tradition. It's an effort that contributes to restoring an area important for its wine and the landscape. On a structural level, their now-operational cellar has been designed to fully bring out the various facets of Vermentino. The exuberant, sophisticated Vermentino Etichetta Nera '20 opens on trademark aromas of white fruit and Mediterranean scrub, unfolding on the palate with great balance and length. Their still youthful Cavagino '20 highlights an elegant, but full-bodied profile. The Numero Chiuso '17 impressed for its multi-faceted aromas and finish full of character.

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