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Albino Armani


Armani's origins go back to the Adige valley, on the border between the provinces of Verona and Trento, a land that had to be teased out from the course of the river and the nearby mountains. Alongside famous international grapes, we find traditional cultivars such as Marzemino and the lesser-known Casetta. In recent years, they've expanded into the heart of Valpolicella's Classico zone, in the upper Marano valley and along the Magredi area in Friuli. They also have an important collaboration in Treviso. Only four wines were submitted by this Dolcè producer, representatives of the territories in which they originate. The sparkling wine tasted is a complex Ribolla Gialla cultivated at the foot of the Carnic Alps. It opens on multifaceted aromas, where notes of yeast blend with ripe fruit and dried flowers. In the mouth it's quite sapid and dry, with bubbles that gently caress the palate. The firm and taut Pinot Grigio Colle Ara '20, on the other hand, is made with grapes from the Adige Valley.

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