World breakfasts. Russia: bread and kolbasa, blinis, syrniki

Russian cuisine is multifaceted, but in the morning the dishes that unite the different areas of the country are almost the same, both sweet and savoury. Here are the breakfast specialties and a blinis recipe.

Oct. 27 2021

Vegan cuisine glossary: products for the pantry

Interest in plant-based nutrition is increasingly growing, but how can we replace some of the products? Here are all the vegan hacks.

Oct. 27 2021
Find out more about millet flour

Millet flour: properties and recipes

Not very common in Italy, millet flour is gluten-free but rich in proteins and lipids. A product that is still not used much, but surely worth learning more about.

Oct. 27 2021

Spelt, barley, millet, oats, rice: discovering grains

Excellent in winter soups but also in summer salads, grains are rich in nutrients, versatile and delicious.

Oct. 27 2021


Macelleria dipslays two souls: a restaurant and a gastronomia with selected Italian products. The accent here is Italian, chef Luciano know delivers a rich and full flavored style of cuisine: Pappardelle with rabbit and beer, Lamb Ossobuco and the rich ...Leggi altro

Oct. 26 2021

O’ Pizzicato

Located in the centre of Stockholm, on Swedenborgsgatan, this place has been bringing products of undisputed Italian style to the table for the past 15 years. The platter of Italian cured meats, the Bigoli with tomato and burrata cheese, the ...Leggi altro

Oct. 26 2021
Find out more about Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos. Traditions, curiosities and typical products of the Day of the Dead in Mexico

A colourful, music-filled festival is held in Mexico every 2 November to remember the dead. With offerings, sweets and laid tables, food plays a prominent role.

Oct. 26 2021

La Cucina Italiana

Small and sophisticated, very few tables inside and even fewer outside. La Cucina Italiana is a touchstone of Italian cuisine in Goteborg. Pietro Fiorinello, owner and chef, and his son, Alessio, are the fervent representatives of Italian cooking done with ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2021


Located a stone's throw from the Royal Palace of Oslo, Vinoteket is certainly one of the most interesting addresses for those who love Italy. The place aims to be the link between the world of pizza and the world of ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2021


Open for over 20 years in front of the Oslo Cathedral, this restaurant-wine shop was among the first to tell the story of Italian cuisine in Norway. Tagliatelle alla contadina, Costata alla Fiorentina and, the most classic dessert of all, ...Leggi altro

Oct. 25 2021
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