Villa Sandi Contemporary Wine List Award

Strange, but good: when food-wine pairings surpass the limits of imagination

Here is a series of wine pairings that we invite you to try with a totally unbiased mind

All wine formats

There are bottles of various weights, colours, shapes and capacities in the wine market. Here's a list of the different formats.

The most common mistake with wine: the wrong serving temperature

A wine served too cold or too hot is one of the worst services we can offer the customer, damaging all the work done by the producers. Here are a few rules.

The Value of the Vintage

A collection of unmissable vintages for Italian wine

It was the year...snippets of modern history of wine in Italy

The dates that have marked the history of modern Italian oenology.

Five native grape varieties we are ready to bet on

Many grapes have been covered recently, above all the awareness and knowledge of how to handle them both in the vineyard and in the cellar has greatly increased. We offer you five still not very well known grape varieties on...

The contemporary sommelier

From curiosity to empathy, here is a list of the essential characteristics a sommelier should have.
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