Il Vicolo

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Loredana Schettino, a Tuscan with Neapolitan origins, manages the Il Vicolo restaurant together with her sons Luca and Francesco. Located in Rue Mazarine, the historic street named after the diplomat Jules Mazarin who founded the College of Four Nations, which has now become the Institut de France. The restaurant is ample and welcoming, with a large window that allows guests to peek at the street that houses the Samaritaine, an important architectural building mix between Art Nouveau and Art Decò. Loredana Schettino offers her customers a traditional cuisine, revisited and perfected by the young chef Luigi Iannone who combines sea and land dishes in his cuisine. Carte blanche therefore for this talented chef who offers spaghetti sautéed with clams and datterini tomatoes, chlorophyll cannelloni made with Verna flour stuffed with sheep’s ricotta and vegetables, Venetian-style veal liver with red onions from Tropea and a wide range of PDO cheeses. The traditional desserts and the homemade gelato are artisanal.

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