Average Price: £ 45  

Tim Siadatan and Jordan Frieda know how to successfully run a restaurant. First of all we were delighted by the wine list which has a very contemperare profile. The selection by the glass is extremely well articulated, the recharges are very honest compared to london standard, with plenty of gastronomic wines and huge variety of native grapes varieties and artisanal wineries. From the menu we suggest the rich pappardelle with Aylesbury duck ragout or the intensity of the cacio and pepe pasta. Among the secondi, go for a proper piece of meat cooked right to the point on the oven or on the grill. The service is attentive, the interior design is simple and a warm. Overall, a very satisfying experience. From the same owners, try also Padella, a well kwown trattoria-style restaurant.

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