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Trattoria Laguna e Lievitati Naturali

Closing time:
giovedì; lun, mart e merc aperto solo la sera e ven. sab. dom. aperto tutto il giorno
Pizza prices:
 da 7.50 a 16 euro


You can get just about anything, inasmuch as here it's not just about pizza. Right on the water, you can enjoy an array of well-prepared seafood dishes, some meat dishes and, indeed, excellent pizza as well. Alvise is a master of flours, doughs and leavening, and his pizza is delicious and light, thanks to nice toppings and fresh ingredients of excellent quality. The pizzas are divided into two styles. There are (round) gourmet pies like Accuugata (first the dough is baked without toppings, guaranteeing crunchiness, then Apulian burrata and Cantabrian anchovies are added) or the New Impossible (Salento tomato, fiordilatte, nduja from Spilinga, spicy Calabrian spianata salami, stewed Tropea onion and spicy Calabrian bocconcinos). And then there's their Roman-style "pala" pizzas: the pie is cut and then put in the middle of the table, cutting board and all, so that all diners can dig in (the many versions offered include Bufala Veneta, Parmigiana, Margherita Special). Cozy atmosphere, friendly and warm staff. It all finishes with delicious homemade desserts.


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Closing days
giovedì; lun, mart e merc aperto solo la sera e ven. sab. dom. aperto tutto il giorno
N. seats
Csi, MCard, Visa, Diners, POS
Air conditioning
Outdoor tables
Wheelchair access
Available menu for celiac
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