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The lively Fondamenta Ormesini may have a contemporary feel to it, but here the focus is entirely on coffee, recalling the cafés of yesteryear. Upon entering you immediately breathe its aroma and just looking at the list of options, written out on their large blackboard and available to drink at the counter or while seated, there are so many possibilities that you feel spoiled for choice. There are some six blends of pure Arabica, including the signature Remèr (blend of 8 Arabica), Bricola and Miscela del Ghetto, each accompanied by a technical sheet that explains all the characteristics. Espressos, filtered coffees and cappuccinos (including single-origin versions) are flanked by special coffees, like the Moretto, Viennese, Venexian, and Flat White (an Australian specialty). To complement their coffee, there's a wide choice of baked goods and pastries, from krapfen donuts to muffins, éclairs and slices of cake, plus savory snacks such as croissants and bagels.


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