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Situated in the Dorsoduro district near the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari and the Church of San Rocco (just a few minutes from Piazzale Roma), Tonolo is rightfully included among the city's historic pastry shops, highly appreciated by Venetians and a popular stop for tourists. Founded in 1886, the shop's fame is bound up mainly with its celebrated focaccia (30 hours of natural leavening, flavored with Marsala and Alchermes, and very soft). In the early-20th century it was awarded at the Domestic Economy Expo in Paris. Inside, its long counter occupies much of the small space available. Starting at breakfast, the kitchen churns out krapfen donuts, puff pastries and baked goods of excellent quality, all to be accompanied with a nice coffee. Things continue with traditional sweets, from cream cannoncini to choux pastries, diplomatici, cold and baked cakes (try the Sachertorte with cream and meringue) and a repertoire of traditional biscuits, foremost the bussolà. At Carnival, don't miss their fried dough, long a house specialty, in the classic version with raisins, or filled with chantilly, with apples, or zabaglione. A small assortment of savory dishes is also available, like pizzas and pies. Kind and cheerful service.


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domenica pomeriggio e lunedì
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