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Courteous service and a welcoming atmosphere complement a worthy range of food and drink, but Tommini is strongest when it comes to their excellent breakfasts. The well-organized counter displays breakfast pastries with classic dough as well as wholemeal, kamut, multigrain and vegan versions. There are rich and fragrant sticky buns with honey, maple syrup and cinnamon, and wholemeal croissants with ricotta and orange where the rusticity of the flour is softened by ricotta and a pleasant hint of orange. There's plenty of care when it comes coffee as well. The 100% Arabica espresso is nicely brewed and allows you to appreciate the floral, fruity aromatic notes of the grind. Try the Lecce coffee as well, in which cold almond milk, hot coffee and cold milk cream are layered to create a rich, delectable mix. Freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juices are always available, as are glasses of wine and Spritz as an aperitif.


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