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Located inside The Ritz - Carlton Hotel, in the prestigious Performing Arts & Theater district, this place is in the true heart of the city. The collaboration with super talented chef Oliver Glowig ensures a fine menu, made up of refined products and classic recipes that respect seasonality and an all-Italian taste. The offer is divided into brunch on Saturdays and Sundays at fixed price with two or three courses ranging from the Roman tradition to tother domestic classics. On the menu we recommend the signature Ravioli Capresi stuffed with caciotta cheese, marten, tomato sauce, and the fresh mezzi ziti with wild boar genovese and crispy onion. The Branzino, Mediterranea seabass, is delicate and well accompanied, the lamb is juicy and well cooked. Quality is high and is improving over time: it's very hard to top such a clean and perfectly balanced Italian flavors in town. The wine list is very extensive, the service impeccable.


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