A mainstay situated just outside Vicenza’s historic center (on the road leading to the motorway and to Verona), at Tiffany you’re welcomed by a kind and prepared staff, and by a colorful counter with lots of fresh fruit (the raw material for refreshing and fresh juice extracts). From there the gaze moves along the display case where various types of breakfast sweet rolls are accompanied by savory croissants stuffed with salami, cheese and salmon, tramezzini, rich, tasty sandwiches with chicken, eggs, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise, or with salmon, avocado and prawns, perfect for a snack or a light lunch. Espressos and cappuccinos are expertly brewed. Their espressos, served at the perfect temperature, has a thick, hazelnut-colored cream and pleasant aromas, while their well-balanced cappuccinos reveals a rich, milky cream. Starting this year, there are also outside tables on a covered dining area along the street.

Closing days:
sabato pomeriggio e domenica
  • Outdoor tables
  • Indoor tables
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