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Valerio Serino is one of the most original, inspired and creative Italian chef that work outside the borders of Italy. With his partner Lucia de Luca, whos in charge of the dining room and the wine list, he runs a very successful restaurant in the city of Copenaghen. At the base we find an eco-sustainable philosophy at 360 degrees, Tèrra is a zero food-waste restaurant with wise reuse of many food scraps. The flavors have great cleanliness, and the dishes are surprising in their calibrated contrasts, with recipes that like to risk but that are enlightening in the results. Specifically, there's a special sensitivity towards vegetables and fish, very well managed and paired. From the last menu, we point out the brilliant pumpkin waffle and it's own charcuterie, the elegant scallops, fig leaf and elderflower, the evocative oyster, licorice and cauliflower or the juicy and gourmand halibut with an elderflower cream. The wine cellar has improved, the wine pairings and especially the non-alcoholic matchings have reached a very high sophisticated and surprising level. Informal and warm atmosphere but very professional in the service and attention to detail. Straight to the point: for us this the best Italian Restaurant in Copenhagen.


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