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Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
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Tempilenti is much more than a restaurant, a place where the passage of time takes a back seat. The brainchild of chef Francesca Feniello from Alghero and sommelier Silvia Giorgione from Turin, who created an intimate and welcoming ambiance that allows guests to forget the hectic Parisian life, while enjoying genuine food. Thanks to their culinary experience, they have focused their attention on the customer in the name of sensory pleasure. The decor is simple and straightforward, just like the menu that includes few dishes: the vitello tonnato is restaurant's pièce de résistance. High-quality products imported from Italy, while the meat is sourced in Burgundy. Exclusively top-notch Italian wines, strictly selected by Silvia. There is no shortage of traditional Sardinian dishes often unknown to most, proposed by Francesca in order to surprise her customers. Always crowded, restaurant's clientele includes celebrities, artists and singers.


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Closing days
Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Thursday: 7:30-10:30p.m. Friday-Monday: 12:30-2:30p.m.
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