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Song' e Napule

Closing time:
Open daily for lunch and dinner
Average price:
 $ 35.0


Without a doubt one of the best Italian pizzas outside Italian borders. The credit goes to Ciro Iovine, his ambition and his ferocious determination to improve day after day. The restaurant, awarded in 2019 as Pizzeria of the Year in our Top Italian Restaurants guide, is a small corner of Naples in the heart of Manhattan. The ingredients are of the highest quality, and stand out for their fragrance and intensity, from tomatoes to mozzarella, from the cured meats to extra-virgin olive oil, used raw. The dough and baking are perfectly done, we tried the stracciatella and Cantabrian anchovy version, a fabulous Margherita and encore-worthy pasta and potatoes. True, incisive flavours: a stop not to be missed when you are in town.


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Open daily for lunch and dinner
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