Song’ e Napule

Average Price: $ 35  

In these months off, Ciro Iovine wasted no time and took advantage of the forced closure to give his oven a makeover, working off of the experience of the Acunto family. He furthermore took care of redoing different aspects of this small venue where pizza lovers can eat one of the most authentic and incisive pies outside of Italian borders. The restaurant has already been awarded in 2019 as Pizzeria of the Year in our 2019 Top Italian Restaurants guide. In our last visit the crust was of an excellent level, we tried the stracciatella and anchovy versions of the Cantabrico, a fine Margherita, pizza diavola, pizza salsicce and melanzane and an applause-worthy pasta and potatoes. True, incisive flavours, a great confirmation. The next project is an upcoming opening in Miami.

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