Seu Pizza Illuminati

price/quality ratio: medio
Average Price: € 25  
Pizza price: da 7 a 15 euro

In less than two years (the doors opened in March 2018) Pier Daniele Seu and his wife Valeria have won their bet, fine-tuning the details. Today at Seu Illuminati we eat dream-worthy pizza. The base is super soft and fragrant, the crust is ethereal, airy and voluminous, for an overall lightness that brings value to any topping. The beauty of Seu is that, menu after menu, he adds to the list of his creations excellent toppings. Very interesting riff of the “absolute” theme, dedicated to a single class of ingredients (from tomatoes to cruciferous greens and tubers). Do start with a taste of the delicious assorted fried delights (like the extraordinary supplì) while purists can choose the margherita which here is a true must. Reservations mandatory.


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