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This is the closest point to Sicily in Moscow. Celebrated Chef Nino Graziano has been a true pioneer of Italian cuisine in the world. He flew to Moscow 15 years ago. Among the various collaborations the one with Semifreddo is certainly the most important. Here Graziano has developed a vast menu with chef Luca Verdolini, that features island specialties, grilled fish and Nino's signature dishes. From the rich menu we highlight the super classic Sicilian red soup according an old Graziano family recipe, and the spaghetti with shellfish, fried zucchini and Bronte pistachios. The spaghetti with bottarga, olives and capers also met our expectations. The ambiance is minimalist and clean in comparison with the local fine dining places, the wine list is impressive. Thanks to the Coravin system, you can order a glass of Sassicaia or Ornellaia from a list that welcomes both classic and niche products, with a portfolio of Barolo and Barbaresco that is applause worthy. Russian markups, which means expensive for Italian standards.


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