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Francesco Mazzei proves to be the most dynamic Italian chef in town. The chef is now exploring more and more of the Southern Italy’s specialties, but with a contemporary twist. Sartoria is a stylish and refined place, with a relaxing bar fully charged, and an articulate offer and a stellar service. The cuisine is strictly focused on regional specialties, prepared with carefully selected ingredients and beautifully presented. The menu features a range of dishes such as classic "vitello tonnato", good lasagne, tasty fregola, flawless Milanese cutlet or rabbit Ischia-style, that is, slow-cooked with white wine and Mediterranean aromas. The lamb is an highlight here. Truffle fans will be satisfied in the right season, as well as wine lovers. We strongliy recomend the tortelli with 'njuda and burrata, balanced and perfectly spiced. The selection of Italian wines by the glass is amazing, and the wine list is very extensive and covers the whole of Italy. The talented general manager and sommelier Enrico Bucci has created one of the most contemporary selections of Italian wines in town. For his tireless work at Sartoria, Fiume and Radici (trattoria-style restaurant), Francesco Mazzei fully deserves our Guardian of Tradition Award in oru Top Italian Restaurants 2022 guide.


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