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It all began here for Renato Bosco, and still today Saporè Pizza Bakery is at the center of the pizzaiolo's work. In his kitchen, Bosco thinks before he shoots, churning out new creations to be served directly at the shop counter. By innovating, he often finds himself taking new paths, which certainly is no problem. Now he's steering the menu towards the health conscious, moving further and further away from cured meats (a big challenge in a city where the "double crunch" with stracchino, fiordilatte mozzarella and mortadella has always been a best seller). Customers are already following his lead, such that the Parmigiana and the Vegetariana (with seasonal vegetables), both baked so as not to alter the original flavors of the toppings, are climbing the ranks. To bring out the flavor of the vegetables, he uses grains and malts in his doughs that release unique fragrances. His goal? Demonstrate that the products of the earth, purchased from local farmers, are not only healthy but also delicious. There are some seats, but the space is dominated by the counter, where you can also buy breakfast pastries, sourdough bread, biscuits, puff pastries and Italian holiday classics.


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lunedì; aperto solo la sera
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