San Paolo Pizzeria

Average Price: € 1,000  

Eating pizza at San Paolo is the best way to chase away the nostalgia of real Neapolitan pizza: the thick and soft rim, well baked and richly topped. Steaming pies come to the table from the wood-burning oven such as Mastunicola with aged lardo and provolone; and the calzone filled with ricotta, salami and smoked provola. But pizzas are also fried like the delicious Montanara, topped with tomato, mozzarella and basil. Mozzarella in carrozza (mozzarella between two slices of bread dipped in egg and deep fried); zucchini scapece (marinated in vinegar, garlic and mint) and migliaccio, a semolina-based dessert made with ricotta, eggs and orange zest: Bringing Naples a little closer…


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