Riva Türkenstraße

Average Price: € 20  

Compared to other European capitals, Vienna still does not offer a highly competitive pizza scene. The reference address brings us to the project of Alessandro d’Ambrosio, Neapolitan, who already thought well about 10 years of setting up a mobile oven in the hot months, and then opening two branches in the city. We visited the Türkenstraße one, with the beautiful white oven in plain sight, Neapolitan pizza makers and a rather good dough, with selected ingredients. We opted for Margherita del Re with buffalo mozzarella, among the most popular are the Sofia Loren (mozzarella and prosciutto), Gianna Nannini (buffalo, datterini, rocket, bresaola and parmesan) and pizza o’figlio do scarparo (mozzarella, provola, sausage).Wines include a handful of Italian labels, as well as a selection of cocktails. Young and lively atmosphere, impeccable service.


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Always open from May to September
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