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The pastry shop overseen by Gianni Zaghetto and Monica Lazzarini (he at the head of the kitchen, she in the shop itself, accompanied by a staff of valid collaborators) has made pure elegance its trademark. Each pastry manages to strike a perfect balance of textures and flavors, meaning that they're both pleasing to the eye and equally satisfying on the palate. Creativity distinguishes the entire product range, which is continually embellished with new creations and manages to masterfully explore every area of dessert: fresh and dry pastries, ice cream, chocolate. Among the most popular cakes is their delicious Lingot Cake Star (also available as a single serving), a cocoa brownie with hazelnuts, pear jelly and coffee-flavored white chocolate ganache. They've also been experimenting successfully with artisanal ice cream. In addition to the classic flavors and formats, there are delicious ice cream cookies and cups (for example "Tropicana", which combines the taste of cream with the flavors of tropical fruit, including mango, pineapple and passion fruit). A special note for their packaging, which brings out the best of both in-store and online purchases. The atmosphere, with its small dimensions, is made attractive by spectacular seasonal decorations and lovely outdoor tables. It's also popular for wedding desserts and personalized cakes for special occasions.


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