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Behind this constantly growing restaurant, there's deep knowledge of the ingredients, but also the pursuit of strong yet balanced flavors. Stone-ground flours hail from well-known producers, as do many of their pizza toppings. Particular attention to the dough: 'biga' is used for their round pies, while their Roman-style "pala" pizzas see spontaneous leavening using sourdough starter. Their pizza by the slice is steam leavened with a low percentage of brewer's yeast. In addition to all the classics, their gourmet pizzas are notable. Named after great chefs, they include the Vissani (Campania buffalo mozzarella, datterino confit, black angus bresaola, pecorino and pesto alla genovese) and the Bottura (Campania fiordilatte mozzarella, mixed salad greens, Piedmontese robiola cheese, black angus bresaola and lime zest). Many craft beers to choose from (not only Italian). Useful and well-organized delivery options.


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lunedì; aperto solo la sera
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