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A tribute to the great director of the Italian national team, who combined class and sublime game vision. And we can certainly count it among the greatest openings in 2021. Located in the Amager district, the warm and welcoming ambiance with wooden elements and fun paintings is flanked by a cuisine that has gone beyond our expectations, starting from the quality of the vegetables and the cooking of the meat: here the ingredients are truly Italian. The cuisine has a Nordic twist, yet always with grace and respect, but the wine is the real highlight here. The wine list features a collection of traditional Italian wines, also in large formats, with many famous producers as well as less-known appellations equally valuable. And many, increasingly rare aged vintage wines, both whites and reds to uncork at their best moment, in an informal yet refined setting with an attentive service.


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Closed on Sundays and Mondays
Tuesday-Saturday: 4pm-12am
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