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The new location is running at full speed. All staffs are trained in Italian as well as cuisine, wine and services. The balance of flavour is precise and delivered with great consistency. A wide range of Italian dishes and ingredients, not only Roman are introduced to the audience. Ex., Quinto quarto e frattaglie di manzo, bucatini all’Amatriciana, pacchero alla carbonara, trippa alla romana, coratella fritta, maialino arrosto, il cibreo, even colatura di alici, bottarga. The selection of wine is everything but not piccola, some of the rare Italian regional wines can be found like Picolit, Pignolo and VSQ Nebbiolone. The cantina is simply impressive, with a very good selection available by the glass. A destination worth driving across town to lunch or dine, and whoever visits always remembers. Well done, Boris.


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