Piccola Cucina Estiatorio

Average Price: $ 57  

Philip Guardione, owner of Piccola Cucina, comes from the school of Sergio Mei who has trained many talented chefs around the world. We’ve visited three times this restaurant in 2018 and we’ve always experienced a solid and traditional cucina italiana with an authentic Sicilian accent. On the menu we suggest some simple and delicious grilled or fried sardines, a well made arancino (catanese style), some classic maccheroni alla norma (with eggplant in tomato sauce and ricotta cheese) or gragno fusilli with scampi langoustine, burrata cheese, cherry tomates and arangula, eggplant parmisan, spaghetti with sea urchins. A wide range of fresh fish and a well cooked lamb complete the experience. The olive oil list is impressive such as the wine list: if you’re an Etna lover, this is the right place to be. Shortly, a brilliant debut in our Guide.

Closing days:
always open for dinner. Lunch on Saturday and Sunday
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