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lunedì sera
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 da 8 a 18 euro


Situated in a renovated farmhouse a few kilometers from the Treviso Sud motorway, Perché is a modern, original restaurant. In the evening, and on Thursdays for lunch, it's also a pizzeria, serving pies that are high and crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle (slices for tasting are always made available). The dough is made with stone-ground, soft wheat flour that rises naturally for 30 hours and is then baked in a pan. For the toppings, they draw on select ingredients while paying close attention to seasonal availability. The "Asparagi", with asparagus, poached egg, pecorino and stracciatella is highly recommended, as is the "Siciliana", with lightly seared tuna, Taggiasca olives and cherry tomatoes. Wash it all down with your choice from a valid selection of craft beers and wines (also available by the glass). There's plenty of seating available throughout their various rooms, which differ in terms of style and furnishings. The large outdoor spaces are very popular in the summer. Everything is carefully attended to, including the background music. Courteous service.


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lunedì sera
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AE, Csi, MCard, Visa, POS
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