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A few meters from the former World Trade Center, Enzo and Patrizio in 1999 opened this restaurant that has held up the crisis that inevitably swept the entire area after the events of 2001. The casual Tuscan trattoria is a famous landmark in the Big Apple. The Italian cuisine here, and the essentiality of its menu, is appreciated for its simplicity, as well as for the crisp, clean flavours it creates. We recommended home made spaghetti with fresh tomato and basil, pappardelle with tomato and fresh thyme and spinach soufflè with tomato coulies, home made spaghetti, papparedelle with tomato and fresh thyme, fettuccine with braised rabbit and slow oven roasted tomato. Even the thyme pappardelle and ricotta cake are Enzo and Patrizio's happy intuitions. Enzo’s training at Cibreo for sixteen years under Fabio Picchi and Benedetta Vitali is quite evident in the kitchen. The wine list is essential but well built.


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