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Situated in one of the densest and busiest parts of the city (the Cannaregio district), Elio Nobile's pastry shop has managed to safeguard its folk identity while delivering quality, making it an extremely popular place for food and getting together. Venetians come for the obligatory aperitif with Spritz and pizzas made with delicious bread dough, but also for their classic pastries, a Sunday tradition. Breakfast is a true must, with espressos and cappuccinos from 100% Arabica blends that accompany a wide assortment of sweet and savory baked goods. When it comes to sweets, they're firmly rooted in the great classics: diplomaticos, Sicilian cannolis, biscuits, cakes and semifreddos. They also offer Venetian specialties, like their not-to-be-missed fried dough during the Carnival period (try it with zabaglione). You could say that when it comes to decadence, here they've got things covered.


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