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Situated just outside the historic center, at this renowned shop you can taste the entire repertoire of talented pastry chef Massimo Albanese. At any time of day you can choose from a wide range of sweets, carefully arranged in the counter display case that looks out over the elegant dining room. There are excellent baked breakfast foods, such as the Nido d'amore with Chantilly cream and fresh fruit, the Otto with cooked cream, sticky buns with cream and Australian raisins, as well as superb croissants. All their creations are impressive, both for their quality and for the variety. It's impossible not to mention their perfect mini pastries, irresistible chocolates and splendid cakes. And then there's their excellent coffee, creamy and aromatic, made from a 100% Arabica blend. There's also a corner dedicated to savory food with tramezzini and toasted sandwiches, slices of pizza and canapés, all of which pair well with their small selection of beers and wines by the glass. Service is courteous and reliable, ready to offer advice.


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