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It was a year of changes for Lucca Cantarin, his mother, Marisa, and sister Erika. A completely renovated atmosphere and style now features modern furnishings and functional spaces, which make the historic venue even more pleasant. And then there's the new logo, the "M", which sounds like a family commitment. Here they're looking ahead without forgetting the values that have got them this far. When it comes to the food, on the other hand, quality is guaranteed. Theirs are creations of marked elegance, characterized by great attention to detail, from classics to new additions, in a repertoire that covers all forms of pastry art. For many, their mini pastries are their spearhead, surprising with their play of temperatures and textures, but their single-serving treats and cakes, including bavarois and first-rate mousses (like the Marisa or Mario) are just as good. Their baked goods (an area long close to the family's heart) are impeccable, and it's not just the classics, like the summer panettone, made with candied peaches, lemon and lavender. And then there's the ice cream (in the adjacent parlor), the extraordinary maritozzi with cream, macaroons in a thousand flavors, pralines and chocolate creations, including Velati Svelati, the quintessence of cocoa, all packaged with taste and originality by Erika. Breakfast is not to be missed, thanks to their croissants, danishes, puff pastries, delicious veneziane and the excellent coffee. The online shop is very active.


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