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Situated in the heart of Marostica, this historic pastry shop has been managed by the Chiurato family since 1972. First and foremost, it's a place to go for a breakfast with all the trimmings, thanks to a combination of quality and variety. Try the simple croissants (you'll appreciate the delicate aroma of butter and the even puffing made possible by long, natural leavening), though the topped versions deserve the same attention (custard, pistachio, blond or dark chocolate, jams, peaches and amaretti). Here classic Italian baked goods are an art, a fact that's aptly demonstrated by their focaccia, traditional panettone and colombe (available year round: there's the classic version, with three chocolates and a peculiar version with local Marostica cherries, which confer a characteristic and intense aroma). The venue is large and well-kept, the central counter captivates with its infinite expanse of neatly arranged, well-prepared mini pastries. To the right you'll find the corner dedicated to chocolate, another area where Chiurato stands out for its experience and skill. Here it's offered in classic bars and simple, flavored and filled chocolates. Their classic cakes draw on crumbly, light shortcrust pastry, and recipes that bring out their aromas. The modern cakes, like tea and mandarin mousse, are also notable. Fast and helpful service.


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