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Pasticceria Caffè Gelateria Bido

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Situated in this lakeside town's busiest square, Bido makes a fine show of itself, having become a favorite destination for those in search of a relaxing gourmet break (you can also enjoy their lively outdoor area in Piazza Ferretto). The shop's fame is bound up with Alvaro Bido, who started the business more than 20 years ago. Today production takes place in their Noale kitchen, but the quality hasn't been affected. A pleasant and modern atmosphere is matched by an assortment of fresh, innovative pastries: a line of mini pastries with geometric shapes, elegant single-serving treats, macarons, éclairs and pralines. Then there are their cakes, modern in style, like the Perla e Rubino (a soft white chocolate bavarois with red fruit jelly and almond sponge cake) or the Sahara e Avola (with two chocolates). In the morning, they offer fragrant baked goods for breakfast, made to perfection and available in many variations, including krapfen donuts, raisin sticky buns and croissants. As an aperitif, they serve Spritz and savory snacks, and there's no shortage of stuffed croissants and pizzas, ideal for a lunch break. Soon the pastry shop will be joined by a bistro, which is being completed in a space acquired at the beginning of 2021.


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