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If we were asked to bring one Italian chef back home, we would put Giovanni Passerini on top of our bucket list. Of Roman origin, Passerini has been in Paris for 10 years and has trained in some of the best bistros in Paris. At Rino, for example, there were loyal fans that drove thousands of miles just to taste his genial dishes. Then, in 2016, he launched himself into the adventure of opening his own restaurant. The place is essential and the cuisine is contemporary, ingredient-based, made of gestures, of research. The customer is fully satisfied, and we are beyond the concept of fine dining. The Roman style tripe is better than back home, and the homemade bigoli with mussels and broccoli are simply superb. The lunch menu boasts exceptional value for money, in the evening customers can share generous meat servings and a menu that varies on a daily basis. The wine list is in tune with the natural wave of Parisian bistros, and there’s good choice of wines poured by the glass. Annexed to the restaurant is a fresh pasta workshop, where even Alain Ducasse comes for his supply…

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