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Osteria Langhe

Closing time:
Open only for dinner
Average price:
 $ 60.0


Within few years, Osteria Langhe has found its way into the hearts of Chicago’s food and wine lovers. It has a precise identity and a focused, solid menu. It’s one of those restaurants where you go happily, certain you’ll feel comfortable and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a bottle of real, territorial wine, whether it’s a Carema or a Grignolino, a Barbera or a great Barolo from a memorable vintage. The wine list gots character and fair prices. We still remember risotto cooked to just the right texture, well-made ravioli al plin, vitello tonnato, tajarin and a comforting panna cotta.


Villa Sandi Best Contempary Wine List Award 2023


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Open only for dinner
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