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Osteria 57

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 $ 77


This small and well-kept restaurant in the heart of Greenwich Village was a pleasant surprise. Run by two young men who really know their stuff, Emanuele Nigro and chef Riccardo Orfino. A few seats, lots of care in the dining room and in the kitchen. The arancini starters are nothing short of delicious, golden fried and balanced flavours. The mushroom and potato soup is good quality, the fettuccine with cardoncelli mushrooms outweigh the paccheri tomato and burrata. We warmly recommend the spaghetti with clams and bottarga and steelhead salmon, mushroom and potato soup, stelhead salmon, roasted octopus borlotti beans. Among the mains the sea bass demonstrates an excellent hand in cooking seafood. Targeted wine list, all Italian, like the air you breathe in the room. Two outdoor tables to be booked well in advance! Vegan friendly.


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