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A popular stop for Castelfranco locals and those from the surrounding area, Opera is situated close to the scenic Piazza Giorgione, enough so to enjoy a central position (but without the parking difficulties). It's the domain of Alberico Titton, the talented, expert pastry chef who leads the shop (and adjacent kitchen) together with his wife, Daniela Baldon. Welcoming guests is a grand display counter, which showcases a carefully arranged and colorful assortment that brings together form and substance. Fresh pastries and pastries for tea, single-serving treats, macarons, pralines, classic and modern cakes: the repertoire is vast and includes pleasant digressions into the world of savory foods (to accompany offerings from the café). Everyday, sourdough starter and slow preparation times give rise to a bouquet of fragrant breakfast foods, while during the holidays you'll find ten varieties of panettone (the same holds for Easter with the colomba, which is accompanied by spectacular chocolate eggs). Alberico's research stays close to the territory, borrowing ingredients from local gastronomic tradition and proposing them in unusual ways as desserts (see the many specialties made with candied radicchio). If you want to taste their homemade ice cream, you need only walk a few meters to their second shop, Il Gelato di Alberico, in via Filzi 27.


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