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One of the best pizzas that can be found in Europe, simply as that. Definitely a must for every pizza lover who reaches the shores of Lake Zurich. The credit goes to an all-Campania team, expertly led by talented Raffaele Tromiro, fourth generation of pizza makers. Long-leavened pizzas with raised edges and a melt-in-the-mouth bite. Do not miss the Calzone Napoli with tomato, mozzarella, salami,
ricotta, and basil, the classic Margherita, the superb marinara or the ricotta stuffed crust Donna Carmela, with mozzarella di bufala and fresh cherry tomatoes. Interesting wine list, prices are undoubtedly in line with the Swiss standards. The other locations are keeping the same extremely high standards. Check the website for delivery and take away options, including the popular Neapolitan "pizza al portofoglio". The wine list has room of improvement.

Napulè is our Pizzeria of the Year in our Top Italian Restaurants 2023.


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