Muret La Barba

Average Price: € 25  

The place exudes Mitte’s style in a small and carefully designed Italian wine bar in Berlin. Over 200 bottles and approximately fifteen different Italian wine regions represented with interesting choices that pique our curiosity, independent wine makers and traditional wine making. Bottles feature unconventional Franciacortas such as the 1701, an irreverent Schiopettino of Friuli-native Petrussa, and unique bottles sourced in the only winery on the island Capri in Campania, Scala Fenicia. All bottles can be opened for service by the glass, as well as purchased for take out. In addition to cheese and cured meats boards, also antipastos featuring burrata or shishito peppers, classic prosciutto and melon; or pasta starters such as linguine with clams and bottarga.

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