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Open daily for dinner
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Mother Wolf is an eatery that offers the chance to taste various traditional Roman recipes and invites you to add a good bottle, or even just a glass, of wine to your order. Starting with appetizers, the way to go is to get a good supplì or the oxtail meatballs, served with tomato sauce and pecorino romano. Should you order the tonnarelli pasta cacio e pepe, the saltimbocca (veal with parma ham, sage, and a white wine sauce), or a roman-style Diavola pizza, you will not be disappointed. A curated wine list and the ability to order by the "quartino" (8 oz) many different labels and types of wine make it really tempting to make a food-wine pairing.

Villa Sandi Best Contemporary Wine List Award 2023 in Los Angeles


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Open daily for dinner
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