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Finally something new! We were impressed by this creative restaurant that brings together a healthy verve of experimentation thanks to the enthusiasm of a group of young and talented chefs in the historic centre. Behind it is the experience of a gastronome like Joseph Crolla and the talent of two young chefs, Andrea Pruneri and Simone Croci, who gained experience in important kitchens, in France and in Scotland. The result is a contemporary cuisine that brings together the freshest local ingredients and Italian cooking techniques, with essential flavours and sharp and incisive contrasts in the forefront. A fusion that works very well in a well-paced tasting menu. The sweetbreads with saffron rice, gremolata and lemon thyme; and the Milanese grouse breast, with turnips and smoked pancetta, are excellent. Selection of signature wines, with many Italian vignerons who work in a healthy and sustainable fashion, very well matched to the cuisine. The simplest and cheapest offer at the wine bar is also excellent, including the homemade pasta, snacks and quality cured meats. In short, for us Mono deserves the 2020 Up-and-Coming Restaurant of the Year Award.


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